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Fight the spread of infectious diseases with human-safe UV light


We offer pioneer solutions for the continuous
disinfection of occupied spaces.

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What is Far UV-C?


UV-C light at 222 nm is highly effective against pathogens, including bacteria and viruses, such as SARS-CoV-2 - and what is most important, it is not harmful to humans or animals.

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Our Services


When fitted with a patented safety filter technology, a Far UV-C lamp will avoid all harmful wavelengths and provide safe disinfection.


Deactivates up to 99.9% of pathogens both in the air and on surfaces within a few minutes.


Far UV-C can be used in all indoor and outdoor environments.

Listen to the specialists

We have collected a selection of explanatory videos about Far UV-C light
and its effect on pathogens and people.

“Original and with an innate understanding of their customer’s needs, the team at Love Nature are always a pleasure to work with.”

Jane Miller


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